Dhaka to Cannes – May 2017


Our Mission

The International Film Initiative of Bangladesh (IFIB) aims to identify and support young emerging film makers of Bangladesh. Our mission is to discover and promote emerging talent, to encourage dialogue between filmmakers, and to engage the art of cinema. Our partner in this initiative is International Emerging Film Talent Association (IEFTA), a Monaco-based, non-profit organization which organises, finances and promotes festivals, exhibition, education and development.


The Program

This year will be the first edition of the Dhaka to Cannes initiative. The IEFTA and IFIB have partnered to host a biannual competition in search of the best emerging filmmakers from Bangladesh.

These filmmakers will be offered a trip to the Cannes Film Festival 2017 to participate in the Producer’s Network and workshops hosted by the Marché du Film, a unique opportunity for the filmmakers to gain access to the international film community at the Festival and Marché de Cannes, a yearly event that draws filmmakers, distributors and financiers from around the globe.

It is to be noted that IFIB and IEFTA will not directly fund for the selected projects. The goal of the program is only to connect the emerging filmmakers of Bangladesh to the world film community.


The Goal

Bangladeshi filmmakers travel to Cannes and Monaco for 3 days of workshops, meetings with some of the world’s most prominent filmmakers and film executives and industry power brokers, educational programs focused on identifying successes, best practices, and programs focused on how to make their artistic and commercial efforts sustainable in local and global communities and market places.

Filmmakers are chosen through a targeted search focusing on emerging and mid-career filmmakers. The applications open on February 1, 2017 and closes on March 10, 2017. The IEFTA and IFIB identify filmmakers who strive to further their careers and create international partnerships.


Our partner IEFTA

A Monaco-based, non-profit, non-governmental organization, the IEFTA organizes, finances and promotes festivals, exhibition, education and development. Central to the IEFTA mandate is connecting new and emerging filmmakers with established members of the entertainment community. Our past initiatives include the IETFF film festival in Monte Carlo, the Ethiopian Film Initiative, the UNHCR conference in Marché Du Film and the current launching of the Dhaka to Cannes this upcoming Cannes Film Festival.


2017 Applications Closed – Meet the Participants